GARDENA (800) 262-1126 LONG BEACH (USED) 877-543-6464 (TOLL FREE) FAX (310) 323-3942 Forms A. Full Round Mens Torso Form Suntan (S) or Black (B) with matching painted wood base. Slacks can be easily displayed by hiding excess lower portion in hollow legs. 43-1/2" high. M80( ) Base and stem sold separately. B. Full Round Mens Shirt Form Use with Chrome Base (sold below) or place on the counter by itself. Available in Suntan (S) or Black (B). M81( ) C A D C. Full Round Ladies Blouse Form Easy-to-clean fleshtone colored form. Use with Chrome Base (sold below) or place on the counter by itself. M30F B D. Full Round Ladies Torso Form Fleshtone in color and comes with a matching painted wood base. M11F Base and Stem U9U U8B 30" stem, chrome 8" diameter base, chrome E F High Quality Papier-Mache Forms G H Durable jersey fabric covering with an attractive natural finish base and neck block. E. MFAM/N1 Neck block MP85/CR Mens Coat Form, size 40 MBL1/N1-5C Tripod base, 25"H F. MFAF/N1 Ladies neck block MP26/CR Ladies Dress Form, size 8, creme MBL1/N1-5C Tripod base, 25"H G. MFAM/N1 Mens neck block MP98/WH Mens Shirt Form, white MBR2/N1-5C Round base, 14"H H. MFAF/N1 Ladies neck block MP34/CR Ladies Blouse form MBR2/N1-5C Round base, 14"H 103
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