GARDENA (800) 262-1126 LONG BEACH (USED) 877-543-6464 (TOLL FREE) FAX (310) 323-3942 Chain Link Add-on Arm Use with any slotted upright for additional display area. LFC-12 Chain Link Basket Powder-coated chrome finish. Extends 12" from Chain Link panel. 24" wide, 4" deep. Fits perfectly on single panels, or use sideby-side on Gondola Floor Rack units. LFCB-11 Chain Link Hooks Powder-coated chrome finish hooks available in 3 sizes for Chain Link system fixtures. Part LFCH-04 LFCH-06 LFCH-08 Length 4" 6" 8" Video Cassette / Bookshelf 24 inches wide to fit perfectly on standard Chain Link panels. LFVS-24 Scanner Hook Powder-coated chrome finish hook for Chain Link system fixtures. Available in three sizes. Part LFCFT-04 LFCFT-06 LFCFT-08 Length 4" 6" 8" Chain Link Stub Faceout Powder-coated chrome finish. Extends 3" from Chain Link panel. LFC-3 21 Up Flip-Top Sign Holder Clear plastic. Clips to end of scanner hook above. 21UPFTSH Chain Link System Bracket Locking cam helps prevent movement and keep shelves firmly against standards. Brushed zinc finish. 12" long. HA42-12 Wall Mount Bracket Use to mount chain link panels to wall. Powdercoated matte silver finish. LFCW Hangrod Bracket for Chain Link Systems Ball Waterfall for Chain Link Systems Powder-coated chrome finish. LFC7B Powder-coated chrome finish. LFC-210 See page 73 for hangrod selection. 1 1 0
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