Counters Ledge-Top Counter Center style ledge available only on 6' counter GARDENA (800) 262-1126 LONG BEACH (USED) 877-543-6464 (TOLL FREE) FAX (310) 323-3942 Comfortable height writing ledge is reversible. Larger part of ledge can be positioned on right or left (specify larger side to clerk's right or left side when ordering). 33" high counter is screened with 11-1/2" high front and side panels for plenty of working space. Keeps supplies out of sight. Large storage area at rear has one adjustable shelf on the 4' long model, and two adjustable shelves with a divider on the 5' and 6' models. Shown with optional locking drawer. Overall size is 44" high, 20" deep. Specify White (W), Gray (G), Maple (M), or Black (B). PACKS FLAT ! Slatwall Front Also Available Optional Locking drawer CLT-4( ) 4' long CLT-5( ) 5' long CLT-6( ) 6' long CLTSW-4( ) w/ slatwall front CLTSW-5( ) w/ slatwall front CLTSW-6( ) w/ slatwall front CLD( ) Locking Drawer White or Gray Black or Maple Cash Register Stand 6" well top for cash register. Storage area in back has one adjustable shelf for bags and supplies. Overall size, 38" high, 24" wide, and 20" deep. Available in White (W), Gray (G), Maple (M) or Black (B) laminated finishes. Shown with optional locking drawer. Cash Register Stand Locking Drawer Slatwall Front CCR( ) CLD( ) CCRSW( ) 90° Solid Corner Filler Laminated top with extruded side molding. Available in White (W), Gray (G), Maple (M) or Black (B). White or Gray 45° Solid Corner Filler Top View CCF90( ) Black or Maple Create 45° showcase intersections with this inexpensive alternative to "clipped" showcases. Low pressure laminate with extruded PVC corners. Available in White (W), Gray (G), Maple (M) or Black (B). White or Gray CCF90( ) CCF45 ( ) Black or Maple Top View CCF45 ( ) 32
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