Lock valuable merchandise in these glass corner fillers. Works great between adjacent counters and in hard to fill corners. Base included. Available in Black(B), White (W), Gray (G) or Maple (M). Unassembled. 38" high CLGCF( ) 90° Locking Corner Units CGCF( ) 90° Open Front Glass Corner Filler Merchandise those corners and add counter space with this open glass corner filler. Lines up with all our showcases and counters. Tempered safety glass. Unassembled. Includes base in Black (B), White (W), Maple (M) or Gray (G), and chrome Wall Cases Our wall cases are a great value. Sturdy and attractive with recessed toe kicks and optional recessed lighting. 80" high, 16" deep, and your choice of 36", 48", 60" or 72" wide. Includes 4 fully adjustable tempered glass shelves. Add more shelves to increase display space for small merchandise. Available in White (W), Gray (G), Black (B) or Maple (M). SHIPPED FULLY ASSEMBLED. CALL FOR CRATING CHARGE ESTIMATE. Additional shelf and brackets available. Call for price. Top View All Wallcases come with tempered safety glass doors. Lighting for any wall case above. Includes installation of fixture, switch, cord and plug. Ready to use. CWCL Sliding Door Lock Chrome ratchet-style lock attaches to glass doors. CLK 80" Available in 4 lengths: 3', 4', 5', 6' Gray/Maple/ Length White Black 4' CWC-4W CWC-4( ) 5' CWC-5W CWC-5( ) 6' CWC-6W CWC-6( ) 16" Showcases & Store Fixtures 69" high CLGCFT( )
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