Slatwall GARDENA (800) 262-1126 LONG BEACH (USED) 877-543-6464 (TOLL FREE) FAX (310) 323-3942 Acrylic Mirror-Plex Slatwall Perfect for high-end applications. High Pressure Laminated Slatwall Choose any Wilsonart, Formica, to match your decor. Prices vary on some textured and glossy laminates. SPHPL Hundreds of color and texture options available. Additional lead time required for all custom orders. Prices listed are for solid colors, matte finish only. 1-10 11+ SPAMP 1-10 sheets 11+ sheets SHIPS VIA COMMON CARRIER Call for pricing to add aluminum inserts SHIPS VIA COMMON CARRIER Slatwall is Easy to Install Edge Trim Molding for Wood Slatwall Rigid Edge Trim Moldings at corners and ends conceal raw edges of slatwall to create a clean finished look. 8 foot lengths can be shipped via UPS. Available in Black (B), White (W), Gray (G), and Almond (A). SETM ( ) Secure to studs using drywall screws inside grooves. Attach to hollow walls using molly bolts. CLEAN FINISHED LOOK Then attach Edge Trim Molding at exposed ends. Slatwall groove insert options give slatwall the "finishing touch"! SIDE VIEW Aluminum Liner Heavy Duty Aluminum Liner increases the load bearing capacity of slatwall. Use where heavy shelf loads or a high-end look is desired. Must be ordered pre-installed into all slatwall panels. See previous page for ordering information. Slide Accent Color Rolls into the grooves of your slatwall to hide screws and give it a clean finished look. One roll fills a 4' x 8' panel, grooved 3" on center. Available in White (W), Black (B), Almond (A), Dark Blue (DB), Red (R), and Gray (G). Other colors available on request. SACS ( ) Color Rolls BEST VALUE Accent Color Snaps One roll fills a 4' x 8' slatwall panel Add Color Snaps after slatwall is installed. Covers all exposed raw surfaces. One set fills a 4' x 8' panel grooved 3" on center. Specify White (W), Black (BL), Gray (GRY), Red (R), or Port (PT). SCS ( ) $34.00 per panel, 3" on center (special order item). SIDE VIEW 6
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