GARDENA (800) 262-1126 LONG BEACH (USED) 877-543-6464 (TOLL FREE) FAX (310) 323-3942 Slatwall Accessories Shelf Brackets Heavy Duty Hooks BLACK BLACK WHITE CHROME BLACK WHITE CHROME WHITE Available in Chrome (C), Black (B), and White (W). SB-04( SB-06( SB-08( SB-10( SB-12( SB-14( SB-16( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" long long long long long long long Heavy duty 1/4" diameter hooks. Available in Chrome (C), Black (B), and White (W). SH-01 SH-04 SH-06 SH-08 SH-10 SH-12 ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1" long ) 4" long ) 6" long ) 8" long ) 10" long ) 12" long Scanner Hook with Flip Top Signholder Slatwall hook with clear plastic signholder flips up and out of the way when merchandise is pulled from the hook. Available in Black (B) and White (W). SFT-04( ) SFT-06( ) SFT-08( ) 4" hook 6" hook 8" hook Clear plastic signholder. 21UPFTSH 1" x 3" Light Duty Hooks AVAILABLE IN CHROME Bracket Support Arm Supports brackets and avoids slatwall tearout on heavy loads. One size fits all brackets. SBSA Chrome 3/16" diameter. Chrome. SHLD-01 1" long SHLD-04 4" long SHLD-06 6" long SHLD-08 8" long SHLD-10 10" long SHLD-12 12" long Super Grip Price Card Holders with peel and stick adhesive back. Apply to top of hook plate. Firmly grips price tags and signs. Extruded soft plastic. USG Bag of 100 Adjustable Shelf Brackets Friction Rest Cushions shelves on slatwall Bracket Friction Rest brackets. Prevents rattling and shock on glass shelves. Use 2 per bracket. HFR Bag of 100 Price each Utility Hook Chrome finish. SBA-12 12" long SBA-14 14" long SUH( ) Picture Hook SPH( ) Available in Chrome (C), Black (B), and White (W). Dual Purpose Shelf Rest Cushions shelves on brackets and allows adjoining shelves to share a bracket. Order 2 per bracket. H43 Acrylic Shelf Brackets Sturdy clear polycarbonate with built-in shelf rests. Slatwall Backplates Raw metal for custom fixture design. Replacement rubber Cushion For #H43 shelf rest above. Order 2 per shelf rest. H4 Bag of 100 SAB-10 SAB-12 10" 12" SH99BP 1" wide SH98BP 2" wide 11
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