Hardware HC Series GARDENA (800) 262-1126 www.victorydisplay.com LONG BEACH (USED) 877-543-6464 (TOLL FREE) FAX (310) 323-3942 T - Standards Available in 3 lip depths. 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" Part Lip Depth HC703-6 7/16" HC703-8 7/16" HC704-6 HC704-8 11/16" 11/16" 13/16" 13/16" Length 72" 96" 72" 96" 72" 96" 7/16" 11/16" 13/16" HC703 HC704 HC705 HC705-6 HC705-8 Use T-Standards beneath wall surface and in fixture construction. Available with 3 lip sizes. Zinc finish. Also available in powder-coated black finish and in any custom length up to 10 feet. Call for price. Concealed Drywall Standards Use concealed standards between studs or with dedicated aluminum studs. Roll formed 22 gauge galvanized steel. Disposable protective plastic spine protects slot from drywall mud and paint during installation. Part # Lip Depth Length HC5A-09-6 9/16" 72" HC5A-09-8 9/16" 96" HC5A-11-6 11/16" 72" HC5A-11-8 11/16" 96" HC5A-13-6 13/16" 72" HC5A-13-8 13/16" 96" Other sizes available. Call for quote. Available in 3 lip depths. HC5A-09 FOR 1/2" THICK DRYWALL 9/16" HC5A-11 FOR 5/8" THICK DRYWALL 11/16" HC5A-13 FOR 5/8" THICK DRYWALL WITH SLIGHT PROTRUSION 13/16" Steel Studs for Concealed Standards Our Concealed Standards (above) nest inside the ends of these 3-5/8" deep I-Beam, two sided studs. Simplifies the job of building one or two sided stud/standard assemblies. Studs are made of heavy 25 gauge galvanized steel. The I-Beam shape is obtained by assembling two specially shaped metal studs into what is referred to as a "Double Stud." Most contractors prefer the stud/standard unit because it makes the job of building the display wall faster and easier, while adding considerable strength due to the integrated standard nested into the stud. Order by the lineal foot. Studs are made to order, in any quantity or length. Additional handling charges apply to studs over 14' long. Short lead time required. Part # HSTUD 3-5/8" 72 www.victorydisplay.com
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